When to Give a Gourmet Gift Basket

Whether it be a birthday or the holiday season, sometimes you just know what to get people. For every other occasion, a gourmet gift basket is probably a great idea. We've listed some times, in particular, that food gifts shine.

Supporting from Afar:

We only have so much time in our day and week to do things. Many of us also, however, have lives that extend beyond the people immediately around us. For these friends and family members in other cities, states, and even countries a gourmet gift can be a powerful reminder. Whether simply showing your solidarity for a friend going through tough times, or celebrating life's achievements (promotion, marriage, baby, etc.), gourmet gifts allow you to show that you care—even when you can't be there.

New Neighbors:

There aren't that many people that make and effort to get to know new neighbors, nowadays. This can work to your advantage though.

Take the following scenario, for instance. Perhaps you live in a very tight-knit community. With people moving around all the time, someone's bound to enter it. When that person does, why not make that new member in town feel more welcome with a gift? Even if you don't live in a close community, giving a gift is showing that new neighbor that you care. Who knows what cool opportunities just creating this connection might unlock?

Holiday Cheer:

Have people on your holiday gift list that you don't quite know what to get? Sending gourmet gift baskets their way is a simple but effective way of showing that you both thought of them and care. As you send gifts during this time, you may want to be cognizant both of shipping times and when your recipient will be able to retrieve their gift. Because of the size and weight, it may be more hassle than intended if the two (shipping time and shipping availability) do not properly sync up with one another. To get gifts to their intended recipient in time, it's also suggested to have the gift shipped by the 19th of December.

Just Because:

Really any occasion is a good time for giving some kind of gift, particularly if it's a food-based gift. Co-worker got a promotion or, more importantly, your boss is moving on up? Why not congratulate him or her with a basket of fruit? Perhaps you have a friend or maybe even a new neighbor that helped you with your accounting? A little appreciation with some chocolates might go a long way. The possibilities are endless.

In all, the best time to give a gift is really when your recipient least expects it. It is, after all, the little details in life that make it so exciting.

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