How to Choose the Best Chocolate Gifts

Who doesn't like chocolate? It's hard to fathom that not everyone would like to eat chocolate, but really, like most things, chocolate runs on a spectrum from mild to intense. Knowing these things and more will better help you choose the right chocolate gift.


Are you getting this gift for your adventurous friend or an older relative? Figuring out who you're giving to and what their taste profile is will better inform your decision here. For more adventurous people, you might want to lean more dark. For older individuals, you might want something a little more pronounced in flavor. Families with children, likewise, might enjoy something a bit sweeter like milk or white chocolate.


What's your budget? If you're looking to just send a token of appreciation, you might not need to extend your budget to do this. Something small and under $25 might suffice. For others, also knowing what your recipient values can increase the overall bang for your buck. Going at it without a measure of how much you want to spend can lead to spending unnecessary dollars.

Dietary Restrictions:

Especially with chocolate, it's easy to forget that some people can't eat certain things. For those with nut allergies, it might actually be better to choose some other type of gourmet gift—unless you know for sure that the facility processing the chocolate does not also process nuts. Other things to consider are organic, vegan, and kosher preferences.

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