How to Choose a Gourmet Gift

When buying a gourmet gift, you might not know where to start. This guide serves to solve this problem and can even act as a checklist.

Dietary Restrictions:

Does the person you're giving the gift to have a particular food allergy? If this person has a nut allergy, for instance, (in addition to avoiding nuts) you may want to stay away from chocolates (which are often processed in similar facilities). Lactose intolerance? You might want to stay away from cheese and gravitate more towards fruit. Other things to consider include whether or not the recipient prefers to eat organic or kosher food items. Knowing this bit of info will make your return on investment even greater.

Taste and Preferences:

Particularly with cheese and chocolates, they can run the gamut from mild to quite bold. Knowing your how the person you're gifting to will respond to new foods and tastes will increase the overall value of your gift.

Full, Not Filler:

Lower quality gift baskets will have a lot of stuff or food that isn't useful to the person you're giving the gift to. Search also for a higher ration of things within the gift that they will enjoy.

Watch your Shipment:

For most other times during the year, stated shipment times are pretty reliable. However, during the holiday season, things can get a little dicey. A good rule of is to have your order sent out by the 19th of December to make it in time for Christmas. After your shipment is sent, also be sure to track it. People have told stories of chocolate gifts becoming a gooey mess in the sun because of couriers leaving the package out. Make sure as much as possible that the shipment and the receiver sync up, especially if it can melt.

Following these handy tips will better improve both your giving experience and the value that your recipient receives.

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